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Delivering Natural Beauty At Your Door Step


Uber Nursery is bringing plants from all around the world and making it available to our customers. The mission is simple to help everyone find the perfect plants to make the world more beautiful, reduce carbon footprint and have a lasting earth, that is clean for the future generation while providing exceptional landscaping services in partnership with world class designers from around the world. Let us find you the perfect natural landscape to your liking.

Company Overview

We love plants and all the benefits they bring to the mother earth.

Uber Nursery brings you the world plants nursery at your fingertips. All your favorite plants in one website at Delivering it fresh plants from nurseries around the world.

The wide range of natural plants and gardening accessories of UAE, are all available on this one stop shop. We have largest collection of Plants like Flowering plants, Avenue Trees, Aquatic Plants, Aromatic Plants, cactus & Succulents, Ferns, Indoor Plants, Landscape Plants, Bamboo and many more.

Our team comprises of individuals who have done wide studies to lean horticulture and together with the support staff, we are all ready to make the world greener.

Our life is completely revolved around plants. It keeps the environment wet which makes respiration easy, makes the air fresh, and has the maximum medicinal values giving good health & further sharpening your focus.

Our products are aimed at improving everyone’s workplace and living environments. We are ready to work alongside businesses large and small across the spectrum of industries, including the educational and healthcare sectors, hotels, offices, restaurants, bars and retail outlets. We also provide planting schemes for the home.

We can work directly with our end-users or via architects, interior designers or facility management companies.

Our Team

Sheraz Sheikh

I am an entrepreneur and professional management expert, experienced with leadership, organization, & business operation. Held a management position for nearly 15 years & developed extensive decision-making & communication skills.

Sales Manager
Syed Hassan Ali

I am passionate about helping customers find the best plants and achieving results by making a difference in providing plants that will bring joy to everyone life. My strengths lie in my ability to procure new and repeat business through contact with corporate clients within a designated area.

Social Media Manager
Illiyooun Qureshi

I make sure that social media activity hits the mark, every time. Leading social media campaigns across multiple platforms & having a 24/7 approach to responsibilities. Advising on how best to communicate the company’s brand to an online audience.

Website Manager
Jhangeer Qureshi

I make sure that all web activity hits the mark, every time. Making sure all products are upto date and are available across multiple platforms 24/7. Uber Nursery will delivery great experience to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ajman and Ra's al-Khaimah in UAE.