Air Plant Tillandsia Bulbosa

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Temperature free icon 18°C to 25°C, Room Temperature
Cloudy free icon Sun Tolerance Low, Bright indoor light or indirect sun. 6 hours to 8 hours
Humidity Moderate Humidity
Plant Water Requirement Medium, Every one to two weeks, soak your air plant in room temperature tap water.




Air Plant Tillandsia mix

The Tillandsia truly are beauty of an air plants.

Tillandsia bulbosa is a fascinating air plant with long, tendril-like leaves. They flow and weave like a sea creature from the depths, and I personally love this alien looking plant. Tillandsia, aka Air Plants, take on many different shapes and sizes depending on their species. Of all Tillandsia species, the bulbosa varieties are notable for their unique, other-worldly look – often resembling sea creatures with their bulbous bases and tentacle-like leaves. We love these plants for their statement-making capability, and they pair well with other air plants by creating a bit of contrast to any arrangement.

The Tillandisa bulbosa is indigenous to numerous regions of the world including southern Mexico, the West Indies, South America, and even southern Florida. In the wild these plants can be found attached to branches in low lying forests, in mangrove thickets along the coast, and nestled amongst rocks on cliffs.

The leaves of the bulbosa are narrow, and curled in at the edges which create a tubular, straw-like shape. These grow twisted and contorted which gives them their tentacle-like appearance. As they mature, the leaves will blush a deep purple and red before the plant blooms. Their bulbous bases, which are mostly hollow, often serve as homes for ant colonies – so it isn’t uncommon to find ants in these plants if they are left outside. The plant benefits from this relationship as the ants provide fertilization in the form of their detritus and waste.


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