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Anthurium Andreanum or The Flamingo Flower

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Available in two different heights. planted in default nursery pot.



Anthurium Andreanum

Anthurium?Andreanum? known as The Flamingo Flower due to the look of flower. Most of?Anthurium?Andreanum species can be grown as houseplants, or outdoors in mild climates in shady areas But not recommended to Plant outside in UAE.Large pointed, dark-green leaves grow up to 7 in (18 cm) long and surround the upright flower stems.?Anthurium leaves are poisonous. They contain calcium oxalate crystals that can cause severe burning?in the mouth. Keep your flamingo plant away from pets who may play with or chew on its foliage.?It?s also a good idea to wear gloves when handling anthurium plant to avoid skin irritation.

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50 – 70cm Height, 40 – 50cm High


Default Plastic Pot, White Ceramic Pot

Soil Cover

Default Soil, White Pebbles, Pine Mulch, Clay Stones


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