Calathea Rosea-Picta ‘Rosy’

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Calathea Rosea-Picta ‘Rosy’

You can’t help but stop and stare at a calathea when you see them at our shop. You think “how can leaves look like a painting?”. Calatheas are native to tropical Americas, growing underneath canopies in rainforests. Like other species in the Marantaceae family, these plants raise their leaves during the night as if they were praying, earning them the nickname “prayer plant.” These plants can be sensitive to harsh chemicals in tap water, so it is recommended to use distilled or rain water to avoid burned edges. Remove any yellow leaves to direct the plant’s energy to new growth

With its dark green and pink leaves, the Roseopicta Rosy is a uniquely stunning plant. Her leaves unfurl a lighter green and darken to almost black as they age. Calatheas are commonly called Prayer Plants because their leaves close at night. For any pet parents out there – this houseplant is non-toxic & oh so friendly!


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Plastic Nursery Pot, White Ceramic Pot

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